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Svasam Global Business Consultancy is one of best IT solution providers in managing, building and implementing IT environments of various business systems critical to success in today's challenging and changing market. We offer a fast, reliable and result oriented approach that is adaptable to match your present and future needs. Our IT solutions provide fast, cost effective ways to improve sales, profit and operational efficiency. We improve performance, enhance productivity and drive growth initiatives. Building a strong relationship with your customers is our main priority.


Interview With Our CEO

Published On : Jul 2, 2015

We are continuously saying that students and young generation are the pillars of India. But more than 15 million engineering graduates are jobless and searching to start their career. Industry of all sectors should grow according to the commercial need of the country and the global needs.

Our Services

Technology Services

We serve our clients on IT issues with new technology initiatives to help them improve their performance. We provide a complete range of product, solution, and application support across industries. Our consulting services allow us to create a solution tailored to the needs of our clients.


Business to Business

Our B2B services provide trading partners a variety of Flexible hybrid features including better communications, integration , Global Exposure and management applications. The services have helped companies simplify and enhance their B2B operations to rapidly responding to the new business opportunities for their expanding global reach and have improved the efficiency of companies on boarding new customers enabling our clients to do business with the companies more easily.
Ours B2B managed services are available in than 250 countries designed to improve business process efficiency in marketing, supply chain and the need to reduce IT costs.


Project Management

SGBC provides a range of high quality, cost-effective project management and operational services that ensures the delivery of high-quality and timely results in a broad variety of organizational functions and efforts.


Online Promotion and Marketing Services

SGBC provides a variety of Internet marketing services focused on promoting your presence over the internet. With Effective Internet marketing and comprehensive strategy we synergizes your company's business model and sales goals with the website function and appearance, focusing on the target market through proper choice of advertising type, media, and design.


Creative Services

We love creativity and we love designing. Our team of highly creative digital artists is committed to capturing your imagination and turning them into beautiful and highly impactful digital designs.



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Communicate and interact with Businesses. Build your business network by offering the most needed high standard IT and Business services. Propel your business forward with worldclass client service.

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